Meet Aaron

Meet Aaron Dennis.


Aaron is a junior at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee. He interned with Project Transformation in the summer of 2016. He was placed at Key Memorial United Methodist Church in Murfreesboro. It changed his path. We’ll let him tell the story.

Q: Why did you decide to intern at PT?

A: I wanted to explore different forms of ministry and I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone to grow.

Q: What did you learn during your PT summer?

A: I learned that people are better together.

Q: Before PT, did you consider ministry as a future career path?

A: Yes, but PT help me to further discern my calling, showing me that God can use me in any number of ministries.

Q: How did you get to be appointed at Lillard Chapel United Methodist Church?

A: The District Superintendent of the Murfreesboro District, Rev. LeNoir Culbertson, called my college President and Chaplain and asked if they could recommend anyone to serve in her district as a supply pastor. They mentioned two names, and mine was one of them. Rev. Culbertson knew me from PT the previous summer.

Q: How has your experience been as the pastor at Lillard Chapel?

A: Being a pastor at Lillard has helped me affirm my calling, and has taught me many things about myself and pulpit ministry.

Q: What’s next after you graduate?

A: I plan to become a licensed local pastor in the spring, and I plan to attend Seminary in the Fall 2018. After I attain a Master of Divinity I will begin the process of becoming ordained.

Q: What would you tell someone who was interested in applying for a PT internship?

A: I would tell them that PT is challenging, which is great because it will really help them develop leadership skills. Also, PT does a great job helping interns discern their calling through the Friday Experience sessions.

Learn more and apply for a summer internship at


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